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GivingDNA November Updates

November 5, 2020


We've made a few updates to the platform over the past few weeks that enhance filtering capabilities and Opportunity Segments. Click the link to read about what's new and available the next time you log in.

Filtering on No Data

When including additional columns of data on the constituent and gift files uploaded on GivingDNA to create custom filters, users will now be able to filter on "no value". Example: A custom filter is added for gift campaign descriptions. If some gifts do not have a gift campaign description they can still be filtered on by selecting "no value"

No Value Filter

Opportunity Segments

New Opportunity Segments have been created, easily informing on lapsed donors. One segment provides a list of donors who have not given in more than 12-24 months, and another provides a list of donors who have not given in more than 24-36 months. These Opportunity Segments are automatically refreshed each time a new gift file is uploaded.

Lapsed Opportunity Segments


If you have any questions or comments about GivingDNA, feel free to reach out to your customer success manager, or send us an email at info@pursuant.com.

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